This is #WayneHead a cartoon from 1996 based on the lives of Damon Wayans and the wayans family growin up in NYC. As a kid from the bronx this show had a huge impact on me as i didn't see a lot cartoons set in a world that looked like mine. I would love to work on the reboot to this one.



Representation is important.


Growing up watching cartoons I didn't have many heroes who shared my looks, so I felt extra connected to the characters that looked like me. I got into art and aspire to create animation to tell the stories that aren't being told from the perspectives that are usually ignored.


So as a step towards this dream of collaborating with like minds to create and tell these stories, I wanna start this #BlackToonsChallenge as a way to both educate each other and bring us all closer together over shared love of great characters. Draw one of your favorite black characters and what they mean to you, and lets reminisce and build and get more of these beautifully animated stories told with more characters that represent us.


✌🏾& ❀ 




This is Cita from #CitasWorld the first show to feature a virtual black female character as a BET host back in 1999. Cita was often considered problematic in that, she was often viewed as a stereotype and I will admit the portrayal was far from perfect but I will never forget how dope it was to see a black 3D character doing a better job at hosting music videos than some of other VJs on MTV or BET at the time. She wasn't a part of a cartoon or animated series, but in my opinion, she was just as, if not more entertaining and impactful than flesh and blood VJs on other shows. Massive amounts of love goes out to #KaliTroy who voiced Cita from her inception in 1999 - 2003. I've always thought animated VJs was an underrated idea and would love to see how much better it could be made if it was revisted. 


Keeping it going, appreciate all the love and support on these, One of my favorite characters from one of my favorite shows, the Original Earth Bender, Kwame from #CaptainPlanet
This show was important to us growing up, highlighted the importance of friendship regardless of backgrounds or how we look and taught us to do our best to care for the Earth. Great stories, great characters and a theme song that still gets stuck in my head. Much love and respect to one of the greatest TV hosts #LavarBurton who voiced Kwame and did so much for us when we were young.


The master of the elements and the QUEEN OF WAKANDA #Storm is my favorite female superhero of all time.   Airing from 1993-1997 she was voiced by #AlisonSealySmith and killed it every episode!  I don't know one person who wasn't in love with this show and its characters.  Storm was later played by the goddess #HalleBerry and #AlexandraShipp in the movies proving how popular Storm is.  This piece is inspired by another great Black Queen Ms. Janet Jackson and her famous 1993 Rolling Stone cover.  The album she was releasing "Janet." went on to smash records go platinum SIX TIMES and remains one of only seven albums in history to produce six top-ten hits on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. "You Got This" with #MClyte is still a personal favorite of mine and will always remind me of my mom and my sister cleaning the crib. I miss the 90s.. #RESPECT to her and storm and ALL the black queens out there glowing and pushing that positive energy, We don't deserve ya'll.


The one and only Baldwin #BulletProof Vess from the cartoon C.O.P.S. (The Central Organization of Police Specialists) "Fightin Crime In A Future Time" This show had crazy character designs and a whole toy line, Dr. Badvibes lol and only really lost shine because of the live action COPS debuting a couple years after. I think the irony of a special police force led by a bulletproof black cop these days is not lost on me but at the time it was huge seeing a black robocop in one of the most underrated animated shows that came out of the 80s.  Much respect to #KenRyan the voice of Bulletproof and everybody thay brought this dope ass show to life.  I could absolutely see this rebooted and so many ideas of how it could work with current events.


Double dipping, with a double drop of my twin, one as he was drawn and the other a lil more stylized. (Glitch lost the video to the 1st one)  The first cartoon character that really made me feel like I was watching an animated version of myself on screen, Mr. Gerald Johanssen who was voiced by #JamilWalkerSmith who also did the voice for Mo' Money on #Waynehead.  Gerald wasn't the main character but I always felt he had the better story, I was always waiting for the "gerald" episodes to see what was going on with his family.  Remembering these times back when I was a kid only reinforce these ideas that representation and being able to effectively express and absorb and celebrate each others cultures is what storytelling is all about and its my life's work to be a great storyteller.

With the post, I want to honor one of, if not the greatest voice actor to ever work on animations,

none other than the queen of the booth, Cree Summer


Her voice is like an instant nostalgia bomb that takes me back to my childhood, she has been in EVERYTHING and I guarantee you she has done voices for at least one of your favorite cartoons or animated movies. The list of iconic characters under her belt is RIDICULOUS, Elmyra Duff for Animaniacs, Susie Carmichael from Rugrats, Princess Kida from Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Numbuh 5 from the Kids Next Door, Maxine Gibson from Batman Beyond, Peabo from the Proud Family, and so many more I could literally go on all day about how amazing she is at her craft.  If I had to draft my starting 5 for voice actor's, she would be my #1 EVERY TIME.  As an aspiring director it would be a dream to work with her and I appreciate her so much for sharing her art because she's a huge reason why I love animation in the first place.  I share that fire to tell these stories and bring more color to this world.  Mad love and respect goes out to this beautiful black queen, there will never be another Cree Summer. Point. Blank. Periodt.


Representation is why I do this.

Anybody who knows me, knows my favorite fictional character in all of the land is Spider-Man.

I grew up in the Bronx and some of my first memories as a little kid were looking up thinking I might just catch a glimpse.

Growing up and getting more into the story I realized just how much I saw myself in the kid from Queens who's all about his family and friends, has a hard time doing everything, but is filled with incredible potential. So fast forward to when Miles Morales came out, Black, Hispanic, fresh shape up, my mind was blown. But as much as I saw myself in Peter Parker and could relate to his struggles, it just did hit like when Miles dropped. I can't tell you how powerful it felt to look at your favorite superhero and see them look like you, and I've witnessed that same feeling in little black faces all over the internet. I want to create stories and characters that help people believe in themselves the way the Spiderman stories helped me believe in me.

and just in case they decide to replace miles in Spider-verse 2... #DonaldGloverForSpiderMan