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I was recently commissioned to create an animation for a non-profit organization called Roadmap 4 Social Change.  They are focused and working on being a guide to educating yourself, taking meaningful action, and driving social change.



After the horrific murder of George Floyd, a black man, at the hands of white police officers, people all over the world took to the streets in protest. Despite the risk and fear of a global pandemic caused by a new and deadly virus, Cover-19, photographer Brian A. Johnson joined the marches with a mask on his face and a camera in his hand. Brian documented the movement as it swept through small towns in Northern New Jersey, bringing you this breathtaking collection of photos. He pokes at the heart, showcasing the raw emotions that radiated from protesters of all ages and colors.

We collaborated on a short series of interviews in the form of podcasts, where artists and activists from our region could speak on the effects of the most recent developments in the fight for civil rights and how the global pandemic played into it all.  Shot over three episodes as special editions of the Brian Johnson Show, these interviews are full of deep, sometimes emotional responses to how our world is changing.


I was commissioned by Adriana Alcala to come up with some visualizations for her upcoming yoga classes.  These include art based on astrological symbols and their relations with yoga poses, planets, and the constellations. 

"The mission of Mindful Dose is to increase self-awareness in all aspects of life; constant consciousness of the choices and experiences that happen within and around us. The root of encouragement is that any effort in awareness counts towards the bigger picture. Through a physical yoga practice, meditation practice, lifestyle changes, and art does Mindful Dose bring this mission into fruition.

Adriana is a registered yoga teacher (RYT-200) with the Yoga Alliance. She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and Media from Montclair State University. She likes to mention that she also had a minor in Linguistics during her time at MSU, and due to, dropped the program. Communication and language are very special to Adriana’s mindful experiences. She loves to express her art through video creations, playlists, writing, and vinyasa flows. On her free time, she enjoys reading books."



Representation is important.

Growing up watching cartoons I didn't have many heroes who shared my looks, so I felt extra connected to the characters that looked like me. I got into art and aspire to create animations to tell the stories that aren't being told from the perspectives that are usually ignored.

So as a step towards this dream of collaborating with like minds to create and tell these stories, I wanna start this 

#BlackToonsChallenge as a way to both educate each other and bring us all closer together over a shared love of great characters. Draw one of your favorite black characters and what they mean to you, and let's reminisce and build and get more of these beautifully animated stories told with more characters that represent us.

✌🏾& ❤ 



After a successful project with the Toronto Raptors Roster, I was commissioned again by the TORONTO SPORTS NETWORK blog BarDown to create some pieces for the 2016 Team Canada FIBA Basketball team in the style of an original 1992 USA Dream Team T-Shirt with artwork done by the legendary caricaturist Bruce Stark. This was another opportunity I'm extremely grateful for and Thank Bardown for the chance to work with them


Off of the success from the DUNKSLAPS project, I was commissioned by the TORONTO SPORTS NETWORK blog BarDown to create some pieces in the same style as DUNKSLAPS for the then Toronto Raptors roster. This was another big step for me and prepared me for a lot more work down the line.


I've loved the NBA my whole life, and I started this project back in 2014 for fun and it quickly snowballed into the project that would change my life, goals, and trajectory. 

The DUNKSLAPS project is a fun and creative take on some of the most popular and talked about players in the league at the time and how their respective nicknames play visually.

This project was a huge moment for me in my art career, as it was the first time I finished an extensive art project made up of more than one piece, and also the first time I ever received any praise for my work outside of the direct client or close friends.

It was hands down one of the best moments in my life and though I was young and naive and did a lot wrong it ultimately led to a lot of learning realizing that art is a passion of mine that I want to pursue as long as I can.